CMB by Hakeemah, or simply CMB, is a one-of-a-kind fashion styling and marketing service specializing in promoting modest fashion for today's covered woman.  As a modest fashion stylist and brand representative, owner Hakeemah Cummings has collaborated with more than 50 modest fashion brands to feature their designs in professional photoshoots and fashion shows, most notably DC Fashion Week's Haute and Modesty Show as well as the International Couture Collections Show. Established in 2009, CMB has years of experience in the growing modest fashion industry, producing fashion shows, working backstage at fashion shows styling models in modest apparel, conducting modest streetstyle photoshoots, and more. 

In CMB's newest venture, we are using experience in modest fashion to focus on personal styling for everyday modestly-dressed woman.  Here, we are helping connect you to the amazing work of modest fashion designers and boutiques flourishing around the world.  

Your next modest outfit is out there.... 

Let us help you find it.

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My business is called CMB, or β€˜Cover me Beautiful’, because being covered is beautiful.
Dressing modestly doesn’t have to detract from your unique sense of style.
— Hakeemah Cummings, Founder of CMB by Hakeemah