Q: How many options do you send per outfit in my e-Styling email?

Our aim is to provide multiple viable outfit options based on the information provided in your sign-up form, but the number of options provided depends on what is available online. We will send a maximum of 5 outfit options, minimum of 1 outfit option, in your e-Styling email.

Q: What if my e-Stylist cannot find what I'm looking for?

You can be confident that your e-Stylist is working hard on your side. After reviewing your form and asking any follow-up questions, your e-Stylist searches for your outfit online.  If absolutely no options are found, you will be informed by email no less than 7-10 business days before the date you provided on your sign-up form and will be issued a full refund.  

Q: What if I don't want to purchase any of the outfits you suggest in my e-Styling email? Can I have a refund?

CMB e-Stylists particularly tailor our outfit suggestions to the information you provide to us in your sign-up form. If you find that our suggestions conflict with your outfit needs as informed in your sign-up form, let us know! Send us an email and if we find your reason to be valid, we'll conduct another search and if more options are found, we will send another e-Styling email for the same outfit absolutely free.

There is no guarantee that we will find exactly what you're looking for, nor that you will purchase what we suggest. There are no refunds granted unless the information provided by the customer in the sign-up form completely opposes the outfits suggested in your e-Styling email. 

Q: I'm hiring my e-Stylist for an outfit I need on a specific date. What if I don't get the e-Styling email in enough time to order the outfit?

Your e-Styling email will be sent no less than 7-10 business days before your event date to allow time for you to order the outfit online and receive it in the mail. For non-rush orders, please allow at least 5 business days after submitting your sign-up form for processing.  

If, for any reason, you do not receive your e-Styling email by 7-10 business days prior to the date(s) you provided in your sign-up form, we will issue a full refund.   Customers who have purchased multiple outfits at once and have separate dates for which each outfit will have each outfit considered separately in this regard. 

Q: Do you accept international clients ?

We welcome international clients. Please specify on your sign-up form whether you are only interested in purchasing from in-country websites, or are open to ordering internationally as well.

Q: Which payment methods do you accept?

All major credit and debit cards are accepted as well as PayPal. 

Q: Can I hire my e-Stylist for multiple outfits at once?

Sure! You can sign up for up to 6 different outfits at once. At the payment step, increase the 'Quantity' to reflect the amount of outfits you'd like to be styled for. This number should match the amount of outfits specified on your sign-up form.  Also, please provide a date for each outfit so that we can process your e-Styling emails accordingly.

Q: Help! I'm in a huge rush.  Can you send my e-Styling email ASAP?

Depending on the volume of customers we are styling at that particular moment, we may or may not be able to process rush orders. If you need your e-Styling email to be sent in 1-3 business days, please fill out the form as a rush order and process payment accordingly. If rush orders are not currently being considered, you will be informed by email within 48 hrs.

Q: Do you accept brides and bridal party members as personal styling clients? 

Yes! We'd be happy to help. Brides and bridal party members are special.  We'd love to help you find the perfect look for your day in a special way and your process would be different than what is the standard offered through this site. Instead of filling out the sign-up form, send an email to cmbstyling@gmail.com and we'll get started styling you for the big day!

Q: Are hijabs and accessories (such as shoes and jewelry) included in the outfit suggestions you provide?

Each of your e-styling emails will have up to 5 links maximum, depending on your requests in your e-Styling email. Specific links to hijabs/accessories as well as completer pieces to your main look are not necessarily included in the outfit suggestions sent to you, although styling advice about how to complete your look is included.  If you would like links to hijabs and accessories included with your outfit suggestions, this will be a charge of $10/option.

Q: I already know what I want to wear, just not how to wear it. Can you just help me style it with hijabs and accessories?

Of course! Send in a photo of what you are wearing and we will send you up to 5 suggestions on how to complete the look.  The price of this is the standard $19.95.