HU HijabFest will be held in February 2019.  Check out last year’s flyer as we update! This year promises to be even bigger and better than last. If you’re interested in participating, please fill out the form to the right to get started!

We showcase your designs on the runway at any fashion show, both locally and internationally. As a designer, you enjoy the benefits of participating in a runway show without having to travel. You ship items in, we style your looks and work the show for you, and ship items back. 

With 5 years of experience in runway work, we have showed for more than 50 modest fashion brands all over the work.  Our showcases have shown at:

  • DC Fashion Week | Washington DC | 6 seasons

  • Washington DC Trunk Show | 1 season

  • Fashion With Compassion | Virginia, USA | 2 seasons

  • The International Modest Fashion Design Festival (IMFDF) | Toronto, Canada | 3 seasons

Our showcases can be shared between several designers (multidesigner) or full showcase (single designer) and typically shows 10-20 designs on the runway.  

Start by filling out this simple form. Once received, we will respond to you concerning pricing and begin the process of getting your space(s) booked.

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Business Name
Multidesigner showcases can show 1-4 designs per designer and single designer showcases show 10-20 designs.